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I know I've done many lobster postings, but I had to do it again. Thanks, or due to the economic crisis, no one is buying lobster these days. Lobster used to be a status symbol (really?) for the rich. They are not cheap, and if you have them at restaurants, they are pretty pricey.

It is now $7.95 a pound. Because of that, I had to attack the monster again. I bought two 2lb ones, and brought them home. At the fish monger, the guy asks "do you want me to steam them?" I said, "No thank you". What an idiot I am! I am talking about Lobster House in Chelsea Market, not some unknown ghetto fish place, plus their store's name contains a freaking lobster for god sake! Why didn't I trust them and have them steam them?

I brought them home alive, and put them in the freezer as usual. Bright red steamed lobsters look ok, but live dark brown ones don't.

I came to terms with it, finally. I cannot stand fish guts. I love squid, but I can't gut them. Fish intestines and guts freak me out. Though I cook extensively, fish is something I haven't explored much. Thanks to millions of other US fish eaters who cannot stand looking at fish eyes, majority of fish you see are already in fillet form. I would love to learn how to fillet it, but don't think I can stand the process. My brother's hobby is fishing, and when he comes home with lots of fish, I stay out of kitchen. The scene is pretty gross and I just want to see the end product...

Lobster, I think, is the ultimate gross-ness if you cook it alive. This time, again, I boiled a pot of water (not a big enough pot of course), took the guy out of the freezer, and try to dump it into the water at once. Of course I failed, again. Only claws were in boiling water, and the rest was hanging out of the pot.

This was probably the most cruel scene I witnessed myself while cooking. It was just like in 24. Jack is being electrocuted or whatever, slow death, torture. I did the same thing to lobster. Meanwhile, I was screaming, "Get in there mothafucka!", but they are not idiots, they are trying to escape from boiling water. So I used the lid and try to scoop it into the pot. After a couple of trials, finally it was fully in the water, and I shut the lid tightly. My heart was pounding (even right now, remembering the scene, my heart is pounding).

Also unlike summer lobsters, winter ones have very hard shells. It could be their last resistance to asshole humans who eat them. Lobster juice frying off all over the kitchen, shells are all over the floor, total mess.

Only a bowl full of meat from two 2 pounds of lobsters...

I made tomato based pasta sauce and added lobster meat right before it was done.

I decided I don't like lobster. It tastes too much of the ocean to me, and I am done with these creatures. Not worth the hassle. It also could be because I experienced slaughtering of it, and made me feel bad for them or something, though I doubt I have a heart like that. Who knows, if I cut a chicken's head and yank guts out of its asshole, I may never eat chicken. I understand people saying how "cruel" to eat animals, and for my baby step, I will never eat lobster. However, I like meat too much, and I wouldn't go near the reality of slaughtering them.

Good bye Lobsters...

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  • awwww Yamahomo, you’ve been through so much!!! i could just see you in your gorgeous stainless steel and marble kitchen, on top of the island screaming and panting.

    possibly you most hilarious post yet. i died at the 24 comparison.

    kayoko on

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