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Condiment Crack: Maldon Sea Salt

Meet Maldon Sea Salt. This is the product that inspired me to start this column. This is my crack.

No joke, it's like MSG-- except it's au naturale. I sprinkle it on everything. Eggs, vegetables, meats... EVERYTHING. Not while cooking, but at the very end, when a dish needs some umph.

I taste subtle hints of konbu (seaweed). It's the epitome of umami!

From Essex, England, Maldon is well-loved and used by chefs from all over the world. They've been around for over 200 years! My old boss in NYC bought me a box for Christmas in 2005, and I haven't been able to quit it since.

Condiment Crack: Maldon Sea Salt


Condiment Crack: Maldon Sea Salt

Here's a great article in Slate from 2005, outlining the differences in salt variations, and some salt-offs, where Maldon comes out on top in three out of four categories.

I'm also a fan of the Camargue Fleur de Sel, but it's a bit harder to find. Is anyone going to Europe any time soon? Can you bring me back a container? It's so much cheaper over there.

All this to say that salt is mucho importante. I'm not too privy to all the different varieties out there (Himalayan, pink, blah blah), but this is the stuff that MSG strives to be.

This box is a bit pricey, at $10, but it's worth every penny. Invest in UmamiCrack!
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  • The salt Le Saunier de Camargue which you mention costs $33 here in Denmark. Cheap or expensive commpared to the US?

    I had no idea salt was so important for taste.. I mean salt is salty and that’s it…?

    Anders on

  • Kayoko – I just use a regular rough salt form the supermarket – super cheap ass, but I never gave it a thought really…

    However, newly published studies say that eating salt hurts your heart even more than eating fat… so I’m trying to cut down on both. Bah…

    Anders on

  • My mum’s a salt fanatic and is always going on about pink salt with minerals, etc.

    Would you believe I’ve never tried Maldon Salt? I’ve just run out so I think I’ll get me some!

    Sakura on

  • Anders- Dude, 33 FUCKING DOLLARS???? Copenhagen is SO CRAZY!

    It’s like $13ish here in the US, for the smallest container. In France/Italy, it’s much cheaper, like $5ish?

    Although I’m so out of touch, with the Euro now. Maybe it’s more.

    Good salt is better than MSG! Muy importante! What kind of cool salts do you have in Denmark?

    kayoko on

  • Jessica- Will totally check this out!

    kayoko on

  • You might also like the Himalayan pink salt products from Sustainable Sourcing Ever since I made the switch I put it on everything and feel much better than when I was using kosher salt. Check them out for another great salt option.

    Jessica on

  • Sakura- Go treat yourself to a box!

    Anders- OMG I went out for dinner last night and it was SO SALTY! I am getting more and more sensitive to salt, and it’s so much more noticable to me how much restauarant kitchens compensate for flavor with tons of salt. I wake up and my tongue is numb. It’s really horrifying!

    Seriously, I can’t go out to eat as much as I used to. It’s kinda sad— although good for my budget. And I love my kitchen so it’s good that I’m cooking more.

    kayoko on

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