Sake Gumi

Jordan's Lobster Dock

Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY
Sunday 9/21

Jordan's has been around since 1938! Come out on Sunday for lobster rolls, steamed lobsters, raw and fried oysters, clam chowder and fried zucchini. You're not going to make me eat alone, are you??? Lobster season is dwindling, so this is your last chance- please join me!

Jordan's website and menu (looks like there's a coupon for the lobsters, fyi). Village Voice review here.

For details, check out our FB event page, comment below, or email me at

This trip will be in commemoration of David Foster Wallace, who asks us to Consider the Lobster. RIP.
Column: Umamiventure


  • Sounds great, consider me there. Correction though: lobster season is not dwindling. In fact, lobster season is year round, where all that changes with the various seasons is the thickness of their shells and the sweetness and tenderness of the meat.

    Also, not to be nitpicky but if we’re to follow Wallace’s advice and “consider the lobster,” then wouldn’t that mean not eating lobster, since he questioned the ethics of boiling an animal alive for the pleasure of its consumer? I’m just saying…

    Paystyle on

  • i sooo wish i could go!

    yoko on

  • spoken like a true litigator. love this guy.

    i thought i did my homework and read that true lobster season is only through September. but i guess you are the lobster king. and i did read about the thickness of the shell factor.

    glad you brought up the DFW conundrum. see, we’re already considering the lobster! it worked!!!

    kayoko on

  • YAH! it’s about time Hama!

    kayoko on

  • I’ll be there!! My first U’venture!

    Hamamama on

  • OMG, a bottle of wine is $12.95! Make sure to print out their coupon and you can get 3 live lobstas for $30!

    Yamahomo on

  • the Q to Sheepshead bay- then we take a quick bus ride. we’ll be there in no time.

    kayoko on

  • Seriously, how the hell can I get there?

    Yamahomo on

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