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"Bacon & Eggs" at elements - a resto in Princeton, NJ, that specializes in "Interpretive American Cuisine". I ate was delicious. They have a special tool that perfectly cuts the top off the egg shell so they can then fill it. It's very hard to not crack the shell as you eat it. There's a bit of brioche inside the egg shell at the bottom, and then some sort of egg cream on top of that. It's served with a mini version of french toast and topped with bacon. MMMmmm.

Chef: Scott Anderson
Dish prepared by Sous Chef Joe Sparatta
Column: Culinography


  • Hmmm… although this is gorgeous, I would just destroy it!!! I can appreciate the artfulness of this, but having to eat egg cream out of an eggshell sounds exhaustive.

    Is the shell cut off at the bottom? How does is sit on the plate??

    kayoko on

  • So this begs the question- how does the plate sit on the table???

    kayoko on

  • it's a special egg plate with a little divot that the egg sits in…it's not cut on the bottom.

    erin on

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