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Campari Soda is the perfect summer drink, especially when you're sweltering in the Middle East like I am right now! The bottle suggests you mix 2/3 Campari to 1/3 soda water, which I think is undrinkable. (I mean, I like bitter, but come on!)

A jigger of Campari, a bunch of ice and fill your glass with club soda. Enjoy!

*Erin Gleeson is a food photographer based in NYC, spending a month in Israel this summer. See her work at
Column: Culinography


  • OMG Secret Confessions of a Cocktailier!!!

    kayoko on

  • Yeah awesome photo! Looks vintage, like an old Capari ad!

    Kayoko – I personally prefer the addition of vermouth via the Americano. And truth be told, I find it difficult to drink Negronis in the summer—my body just doesn’t yearn for them. In fact, I hardly drink stirred cocktails in the summer.

    Paystyle on

  • My fave summer drink! When I want something stronger, I go for the Negroni.

    I love this photo!

    kayoko on

  • thanks, guys!!

    erin on

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