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I was recently on a little Caribbean island off the coast of Honduras for a friend's wedding. This conch soup was made for the bride and groom the day after their wedding and served at a big family brunch.  Friends had caught the conch and picked coconuts on the island for the broth. It was served hot with big chunks of yucca, plantains and carrots.
Column: Culinography


  • Yeah I know, I need more white friends!

    Paystyle on

  • Erin, this is insane. Who are your friends? The Beckhams!!?

    The island shot looks like Paradise with an angel scooping soup from the side.

    Anders on

  • Wow, that level of personalized imperialism is just wrong.

    Paystyle on

  • It was pretty insane- my friends, though they are not the Beckahams, do own their own island in the middle of Carribbean nowhere, which is where they got married. They rented their guests our own island nearby, which is where we got to stay. It was the most amazing destination wedding I’ve ever been to!

    erin on

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