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Last weekend I went to my cousin's wedding in Santa Barbara and the day after, when the couple was off on their honeymoon, we somehow inherited all the left over wedding cake. And there was a LOT of it! When we'd all had our fill and were considering throwing the rest out, I suggested we put it under the "FREE" section on Craigslist, as a joke.

We were all hanging out at my aunt and uncle's beach house...there were at least 20 of us there. I told everyone I was placing the ad and nobody believed there would be a response. But when the emails started pouring in, we were so surprised and amused!

Here is what the ad said:

A lot of delicious wedding cake left over from last night. Chocolate with coconut creme filling. We have so much! Come, bring a tupperware and we'll give you some, yum! Email for address...on Del Playa in Isla Vista. Tonight only!!

Amy was the first response, 10 minutes after the ad was posted. I was so excited, I told everyone to get ready for Amy's arrival. My family was so happy about this that when Amy rang the doorbell, everyone crowded around. I think someone even took her photo. Discussion up to her arrival old will she be? Will she be thin or plump? How much will she want to take? etc... Amy was sweet and left a little red Chinese New Year envelope with a dragon on it with $5 in it, a blessing for the newly weds. She said she'd take all the cake, but we said we had to save half for Karthick, who was on his way.

We didn't know if Karthick would be guy or girl. When he arrived, he told us he had just gotten to America three days before from India- a foreign exchange to study at UCSB. We loaded him up with the rest of the cake which he'd come for since it was his new roommate's birthday. He was amazed by the ocean view at the beach house. He said he hadn't seen the Pacific until then (except from the plane)! My mom really took a liking to Karthick and decided to take him on a little tour of the place, and of course introduce him to everyone. She also tried to pawn off some of the plethora of zucchini she had from her garden. When he asked what the long green things were, it took her a moment to get over the shock, but she soon gave him a list of recipes and sent him home with an arm-full of squash. He seemed happy, and said that we were the first American family he'd ever met.

After Karthick left, we were out of cake and had to take down the ad. We kept getting emails from people like Guisella who asked if we had enough cake left for a family of five.

I can't wait to tell the newly weds what became of their left over cake!

photo © erin gleeson

*Erin Gleeson is a food photographer based in New York City. She enjoys shooting cookbooks and teaches at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Her photos have been published in The New York Times and Gourmet.


  • I love this story!

    Leslie on

  • This story is so sweet!

    eat me outta here! on

  • Oh, the wonders of Craigslist. If it weren't for it, we would all be jobless, homeless, and now… cakeless!!!

    kayoko on

  • Erin I must admit I thought you were a little nuts when you suggested posting the cake on Craigslist…and look at the result! We met some great people and all of the cake was taken! I love telling this story when people ask how the wedding was!

    Jenn on

  • this is so gleeson! i have so much love for y'all

    andrea on

  • Erin: It was so much fun waiting for Amy's arrival to pick up the cake. It was almost like waiting to open an Xmas present. She was delightful. What a good way to share with people. You are the best, gal. I enjoyed viewing the wonderful wedding photos that you took. Incredible. Lv. Krissy K.

    kampkrisk on

  • GLEESON BRINGS PEOPLE TOGETHER. Love this girl. Dre, you're right. It's so Gleeson.

    kayoko on

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