Sake Gumi
Israeli Breakfast

Perhaps my two favorite things in the world are beaches and breakfast- both of which are amazing in Tel Aviv. Pretty much anywhere you go you can find "Israeli Breakfast" which consists of the following standard combo:

- Eggs (however you want them, including omelet)

- A few types of cheeses (usually some sort of salty feta, a couple reminiscent of swiss or havarti and some dollops of a very light and creamy cheese, almost like sour cream or whipped cream cheese, often blended with herbs)

- Asalad made of finely chopped cucumber, onion, tomato, red bell pepper and carrot- vinaigrette on the side

- Olives

- Warm bread with butter and jam

- Grapefruit juice

A morning ocean swim followed by this meal = bliss.


*Above photo taken with an iPhone.

**Erin Gleeson is a photographer based in NYC, but she is spending a month this summer in Israel. She shoots food for magazines, newspapers and cookbooks and teaches photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology. You can see more of her work at