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I am happy to announce that Korean Cuisine, a cookbook I photographed, has just been published. The author is chef and food writer/educator Yongja Kim. I developed a new found LOVE for Korean food because of this book, and I hope you will, too.

For two weeks last fall in a kitchen in Greenwich Village, Yongja (and her team of chopping friends) prepared all the food and brought plates to me one by one to photograph. Daily lunch time was wonderful-- we got to try everything that had been photographed! I watched her make all the recipes and I must say they seem like anyone could make them. Plus there are over 200 pages of color photographs taken by yours truly, and a foreword by Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

Although the book is in English, there is not yet an American distributor (it is published by Yekyong, from Korea). It can, however be purchased by following this link or by visiting the Korean book store in NYC, KORYO BOOKS (35 W. 32nd Street) will have them from the beginning of next week. They will sell about $37.
Call to see if they have them in stock before you go: 212-564-1844

*Erin Gleeson is a food photographer based in New York City. She enjoys shooting cookbooks and teaches at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Her photos have been published in The New York Times and Gourmet (RIP).
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  • Erin, congrats again! The book looks fantastic and can't wait to get my hands on on!

    Paystyle on

  • HOORAY!! Congrats, Gleeson!

    Now we can go for korean bbq too… you're gonna love it!

    kayoko on

  • How awesome is that!! Congratulations! =)

    Ambitious on

  • Congrats Erin, It looks beautiful!

    Leslie on

  • Erin, I'm so glad you blogged about this. This is so great, I can't wait for your book signing party!

    Vanessa Bahmani on

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