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Shakshouka is a delicious and very common breakfast menu item in Israel.  It's basically a pot of marinara type thick sauce that is baked in the oven with a couple eggs cracked in it. It comes straight out of the oven on a cutting board and is served with warm bread.

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  • I love it, too! Thanks for that recipe link!

    erin on

  • Whoa Craig I love how you broke it down in Hebrew type for us. You’re the jack of all trades!

    kayoko on

  • I love shakshukah (שקשוקה). Smitten Kitchen has one of the best recipes I’ve tried. I highly recommend it.

    Craig on

  • :) heh. Well I speak some Hebrew as a part of my linguistics training, though I’ve forgotten most of it. I’m far better at German.

    Craig on

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