Sake Gumi
Aside from the fact that this was the site of my first date with my current partner, this spot is one of my favorites in the world. Nestled in Setagayaku's Sakurajosui, Danran sushi (danran definition: sit in a (family) circle and chat happily; enjoy each other's [one another's] company) serves up fish dishes and sushi that are lively and simply delicious.

This was our meal on April 13. We ate a lot and I can not remember half the names of the fish. Here goes (in pictures):

Toro and negi kushiyaki: If you want to spoil yourself, order cooked toro - it's almost sinful to cook toro in the first place - and once you feel the warm piece of toro melting in your mouth, you'll know it's not "almost" sinful, it "is" sinful.

Gindara shioyaki: Simply grilling a fish with salt seasoning, garnished with ginger is quite possibly one of the best ways to bring out the true taste of the fish.

Shirasu tempura: Ah! So lightly fried with plump shirasu inside. Season lightly with salt (pink stuff on the bottom right corner of the white paper).

Fish meatballs: A totally luxurious way to eat fresh, perfectly-ok-to-eat-raw fish, these fish meatballs literally fall apart in your mouth. With ponzu sauce and garnished with onions and daikon.

Roasted ginnan: I hated ginnan before eating this here. Now I am in love with these little beads of delight. This image does not do justice to the pearly, sparkly, transparent green color that is quite indescribable, much like the taste - it is close to a nut, but not really, more tender and juicy but not berry-like. (Ginnan is commonly referred to "Ginko," I think, in America - as in Ginko Biloba)

Crab salad: That's real crab. Never underestimate real crab from Tsukiji, even if bathed lightly in kewpie mayo.

Scallop wrapped in seaweed, grilled: I don't really think I need to say anything about this except that I regret not being able to eat this everyday.

Main installment. Nigiri begins... (I will let the photos speak for themselves, caption-less dishes means I can't remember the names - most likely ordered by the Japanese boyfriend)


The sushi chef used the remaining skin of the sayuri nigiri (above this photo) to grill this delectable delight.


Tamago: freshly made.




Negi-toro roll, akagai





    Sonja on

  • dreamy… this is seriously my dream.

    there is this place in NY called USHIWAKAMARU that i hear is like Danran, that i am dying to go to. will report.

    kayoko on

  • @Nate Ha! I can just hear the master telling you these things! I am SO glad you enjoyed yourself there. It is a special place and I dream about sitting in Danran all the time!

    Yoko on

  • We went to Danran when we visited Tokyo at the end of March after reading about it on your blog and absolutely loved it. The place is cozy and warm and the chefs were very friendly (though they did want us to make sure to write a note here to say they speak no english, and are closed on Mondays). It was a wonderful meal.

    Nate on

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