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Went up to Vermont last week for two nights to see my really dear friend Maria. She's my oldest friend- I've known her for over 20 years. She's an artist and musician who just moved to Brattleboro from California- and she'll be touring Europe for the next month with a few other bands. She's such a badass- check out her tunes here.

Anyway, she took me to the Brattleboro Food Co-Op and here's something I thought was super neat: you bring your own containers for liquids and dispense as you wish from big vats. Anything from honey, maple syrup, oil, to dishwashing soap.

Is this a normal co-op thing? Excuse my ignorance if it is- I thought it was so awesome!

Gorgeous fall colors from the parking lot.

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  • I’ve never been to a Co-op, but that’s super cool!! But hope you don’t get your containers confused…

    Sonja on

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