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I am an infomercial whore. Whenever I go to a suburban mall, and find an "As Seen On TV" store, I have to go and check it out. Some of the items can be purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond, and the other day, I bought Debbie Meyer's Green Bags. Although images on the box says all the vegetables look so fresh after 20 days, it was a bogus. My vegetables looked exactly the same in the bag or not. $9.99 of bullshit.

Have you seen this? We all have so many different sizes of food containers. I have many from Chinese takeout, or Ziploc containers. Some are round, square, rectangle, large, small, so fucking many shapes and sizes. One of my kitchen drawers is filled with it, and I have been thinking about buying Smart Spin. Does anyone have this contraption? How are the quality of the containers? Are they good?

I am currently so fascinated by this. Last night, I was flipping in between Olympics (Yay! Kitajima won Gold!!!), and Ace of Cakes (Food Network), and saw this infomercial. These lidz are super flexible, and by placing it on top of food container (can be anything from glass to even plastic), then press it down, it vacuum seals it. As is always the case with these infomercials, they are a set of 4 different size lids, but if you order now, they will double the order, plus gives you one extra super large lids, only for $10 (of course it's $100 value or something ridiculous). I am seriously considering buying this. Am I the other million middle Americans who sit in front of TV and buy these items and regret?

What does this "offer details" mean?

Offer Details: Today and for a limited-time only, you’ll get our 4 piece Smart Lid set with one small lid, one large lid, and 2 medium lids for just $10:00 plus $7.95 processing and handling. And, we’ll send you a second set of lids FREE as our gift to you. We'll also include our Bonus
Jumbo lid Free! Just pay $7.95 to cover the processing and handling. Smart Lids store your foods fresh, fast and easy. With just one press, Smart Lids lock out air and vacuum seal in freshness, whether you’re storing soups, fruits, salad, or even easily dried-out mac and cheese or pasta! In fact, foods stored with Smart Lids stay fresh 5 times longer than those covered with ordinary plastic wrap, which makes them the best way to store anything.

Does this mean I will be charged $10 + $7.95 + additional $7.95 = $25.90? Should I do it?


  • OMG, I just ordered it, and they kept asking "now you can get this deal for free and pay only S&H" of 7 different kinds of crap, including supposedly uber sharp knife this "Tony" guy sells. Creepy. I will report how it works..

    Yamahomo on

  • LOL My friend bought these – she says she loves them, she is a gadget a holic … she wants me to let you know to NOT let anything spoil in them, tho – she is still cleaning guacamole offa the back wall of her fridge – seems they can LOSE a seal with pressure from inside just as fast as you can make one …

    Anonymous on

  • Oh my god, hahaha, this is sooo funny. I am glad you admit to the consumer confusion mayhem. The consumer struggle is definitely one that needs more attention. Too often it just stays internalized in our heads until we convince ourselves that we made the most genius choice.

    yoko on

  • you are hilarious. can’t wait to hear about how this works.

    i would advise against the smart spin. knowing you, you are still going to have a drawer full of takeout containers anyway. ha.

    kayoko on

  • You should buy an electric fly swatter it really works. I love informercials I could just watch them not regular tv…actually I used to sometimes. Did you ever try that weird washing cream that you can use for laundry detergent or windex? SO does not work

    Sonja on

  • OMG! Although I declined the offer for Jumbo Lid, they charged me anyways. They haven’t even notified me to my e-mail, but my bank account is being charged. This is a fraud! More to come when I receive them.

    Yamahomo on

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