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Donuts are quintessentially American. They are fried gobs of dough drenched in icing and sprinkles. Therefore, it is a mystery why Tokyo-ites, who are otherwise so conscious of calorical intake, line-up for donuts with wait times that put lines at the Apple store the morning of the iPhone release to shame. Although Mister Donut has been a staple establishment since 1983 in Tokyo, Doughnut Plant (first store in Tokyo opened in 2004) and Krispie Kreme (first store in Tokyo opened in 2006) jump started the recent donut fad. And while cruising down my neighborhood on my bike today I noticed Hara Donuts in Shimokitazawa. Bright, quaint, and cute, they might be able to cater to the needs of the Muji, natural-foods-conscious population of Tokyo. We'll see.

I have yet to try the donuts at Hara but they offer 10 choices: Okara-Soy milk, Okinawa Cane Sugar, Chocolate, Cacao, Seasonal Fruit, English Breakfast Tea, Coffee, Carrot, Spinach, and Donut of the Day.
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  • omg hara sounds delightful… i think i would try the “strangest” ones (spinach, carrot) just to be adventurous.

    i have no idea why ANYONE (incl americans) likes krispy kreme, but at the same time, i wonder if the japanese version is different from the american one?

    kayce. on

  • i would like to try the English Breakfast one. let me know how it is!!!

    kayoko on

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