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Last week I started this column as "Eat OUT Thursday" but I thought it would be fun if I alternated it between eating out and eating in every week. What do you think?

I made quiche a few weeks ago. I was staying in Oakland and looking through Stacy's fridge, therein lied all the ingredients for a quiche. I pulled out her Joy of Cooking (the latest edition) book where there was a simple recipe for a homemade crust and quiche- one that even I, the most inept baker, could execute. It turned out, however, to be a rocky road down the path to quiche greatness.

Ok, so here's the recipe for the dough- you just mix the ingredients right in the pan!!! Genius! Here are the exact instructions so I don't have to write it all out. And wait- go preheat your oven to 400 before you start!

Mixed ingredients. We used wheat flour instead of regular flour. How did it turn out??? Read on.

Et voila!!! This whole process took maybe 15 minutes??? Incredible!!

Can I get a close-up shot of the perfectly ridged crust edges please? Thanks.

Bake for about 20 minute. Here's where I started fucking up a little, per usual. You're supposed to brush the crust with egg yolk and put it back into the oven for a few minutes- this is supposed to better hold the contents of the quiche ingredients. Anyway, I didn't have a brush, so I used my fingers. I know, super profesh.

For the quiche we decided to just use whatever was in the fridge, which included cooked broccoli, green onions and tomatoes.

I think the usual rule of thumb is 2 or three eggs for every cup of milk- the more eggs, the more custardy the quiche will be. For the ultimate fatass quiche, use heavy cream and only egg yolks.

For this, I used 5 eggs and one cup regular milk and one cup half-and-half. So I'm half of a fatass, which makes me feel better about myself. Anyway, then added all the above ingredients.

Fuck up #2: too much liquid. The milk started to totally overflow from the pan. Notice how it's over the sink in this picture- I had to dump some of the milk out. It was a mess. I managed to sprinkle some cheese on top.

The quiche finally made it into the oven. Left it in for about an hour. All in all, it turned out pretty good.


This turned out pretty good, the best part was the wheat flour crust, actually. It gave it a heartyness. Wasn't too keen on the broccoli going into it, but it turned out fine.

I'm going to master the art of the quiche. It's so easy, but a pain in the ass. Next time, I'm using heavy cream and making Quiche Lorraine. BACON!!!


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