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Patty's Fruitland (SD)

Nate took me to the Barrio Logan section of San Diego, which I adored. Colorful houses and storefronts dotted the streets, signs were in Spanish, and grocery shops boasted three avocados for a $1. BARGAINTIME.

It's that sort of neighborhood-- still predominantly catering to the Mexican community (it's dubbed El Barrio for chrissake) and won't break the bank in all things culinary. In this economy, or in any economy, it's so necessary.

When we first drove past Patty's Fruitland while looking for parking, I knew I had to go in. The front is painted watermelon pink, and it's called Patty's Fruitland! How awesome is that?

Nate had other plans for me for lunch (which I'll get into in my next post), but my wish was granted when we walked by afterwards.

Patty's Real Fruit Cornucopia.

Patty's Fruitland (SD)

Patty's menu has all sorts of stuff: salads, juices, smoothies, tortas, even hotdogs. I need to try the "Especial Torta Loca" next time.

Patty's Fruitland (SD)

I had a huge lunch (you'll see), so I just wanted a simple agua fresca. I didn't see those waterfall fountain machines anywhere in the shop, so I asked the guy behind the counter if he had any agua frescas. He stared at me blankly, as if it say, "Stop asking me stupid questions, we're a juice bar, of course I do."

He didn't say that though and was really sweet and asked me what fruit I wanted. Watermelon? Pineapple? Mango? Papaya it is.

Patty's Fruitland (SD)

I heard ice. The blender went offs. He scooped in some papayas. Et voila! I have never had FRESH, made-to-order agua fresca before. It was awesome!!!

Patty's Fruitland (SD)

I pulled out a wad of cash, expecting to shell out at least $5. It is fresh papaya, afterall. He rang me up. ONE DOLLAR AND 75 CENTS. WAAA!!! I was totally floored and had to ask him twice how much it was. No really dude, how much. Cheapest juice drink ever! I'm NEVER going to Jamba Juice EVER AGAIN. Nor am I buying any too-sticky-sweet juice in a bottle. Flying to San Diego and going to Patty's would be much cheaper.

Plus, I can enjoy the sweet street art.

El Barrio, San Diego

1789 National Ave
San Diego, CA
T: 619.231.1252