I don't fail when I cook, or that's what I thought... I even fixed a dry turkey one Thanksgiving, and it tasted as juicy as it can be.

Having said that... It was Sunday, and often times I bake a cake to bring to work on Monday. I didn't have much in the pantry/fridge, but decided to make a cinnamon raisin cake.

Yes, it called for 1 cup of raisin, although I only had barely 1/2 cup. Yes it called for a cup of milk, although all I had was half and half. Milk and half and half, it's the same thing, right? So I used 3/4 cup of half and half, diluted with water, which made 1 cup of milk... in my head..

I baked it in a bundt pan, and it looked perfect outside, as you can see.

However, what happened next was very bad. As usual, baked goods need to rest on a wire rack, so I tried to put this perfectly round cake on it, and the entire thing collapsed.

Look how sad the below picture looks. Also it was the driest cake EVER. I did bring it to work today, and decided to call it "cinnamon raisin scone", which is the perfect texture for it. Kayoko said she needed some butter on top. The only thing they don't know is the thing already contains 2 sticks of butter...

Just like my mandoline incident, sometimes you have to follow rules, especially when baking...

I still have half the cake in crumbs, which will become a very moist apple and raisin infused bread pudding tonight. I will make sure to use regular milk this time.


  • Haha I’ve totally done that “replacement” thing before…like making buttermilk with cream of tartar and milk. DOES NOT WORK

    Sonja on

  • failed attempt turned into bread pudding is the best thing ever!

    kayoko on

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