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Went to visit Ayagwa and Tmonkey in Monterey! We made a lunch stop at Roy's, in the ultra fancy Spanish Bay clubhouse with Aya's mama. Roy's started in Hawaii and is now a huge fancy restaurant empire in the U.S. serving "Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine." My brother actually used to work at Roy's in LA and hated it, so I've been curious about the place.

It turned out to be an excellent meal with gorgeous views at a surprisingly reasonable pricepoint. Who would have thought???

Open kitchen- lots of copper, my favorite:

Here's our lunch.

Tmonkey and Mama got the bentobox, which at $21 is an excellent deal. You get a choose from a list of main dishes, and it all comes with their "famous" California roll, an eggroll, sashimi, soup and salad.

The soup came on doilles- how CLASSY!

Aya's mama got the butterfish, which was good.

Tmonkey got the ribs- they were delightful!!!

Rib Porn.
Aya got the lobster roll, with chopped mango. This sorta lacked the wow factor, so I dipped it in soy sauce, which was so faux pas but really made it taste better. I am so my mother's daughter.

I ordered this insane looking open sandwich called the Dynamite Crab and Tuna BLT, which somehow defied gravity and made it all the way to our table in one piece. It was quite delicious, if not the bizarrest combinations of flavors, but it works. The bacon was excellent.

For dessert, we got the creme brulee with bananas. There was a layer of chocolate in there which was a bit much.

This was excellent- coconut ice cream in a "brandy basket" I think it was. I couldn't taste the brandy, but it was buttery and the ice cream wasn't overly coconuty like coconut ice cream tends to be.

I recommend this highly to all those in the Monterey/Carmel area looking for beachfront lunch! If you went for dinner it gets hella pricy and you wouldn't get the views, so why bother? You can also pretend you paid $700 for one of the rooms upstairs- HOLLA!

(at The Inn At Spanish Bay)
2700 17 Mile Dr
Pebble Beach, CA
T: 831.647.7500


  • Kayoko’s open-faced sandwich and Tmonkey’s ribs were both incredible! I had been craving lobster so bad that I ordered the lobster roll, but that was not a good choice for me. I am not a fan of the lobster roll to begin with (why ruin amazing lobster with all this other crap?) and this one was no big whoop.

    ayagwa on

  • i believe it was hamachi. Say NO to escolar!!!

    kayoko on

  • Are the sashimi in bento box white tuna or escolar?

    Yamahomo on

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