Sake Gumi
By Jane Stillwater

What do they eat in Tehran? Fast food! It's true. I'm here in Iran and only have brief access to a computer so I'm typing as fast as I can but they do eat a lot of fast food here. Tehran is a very westernized city except that us ladies all have to wear headscarves. Pizza and burgers are popular here.

In the countryside, the food is probably more traditional, lots of lamb kebabs and yogurt. But here in Tehran, you would be surprised. KFC is now "Kabooky Fried Chicken" but even despite the sanctions, Coca-Cola is ever-present.

* Jane Stillwater is a freelance writer who recently published the book Bring Your Own Flak Jacket: Helpful Tips for Touring Today's Middle East. Umami Mart is lucky to have her pop in from time to time as she reports from Berkeley and the Middle East. Read all about Jane's awesome adventures on her blog.



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