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*Title reflects the Papal visit to NYC.

Tuesday night, I got home, and baked ginger muffin. From my Fridgin' Out, you saw ginger in sugar syrup, and I used it to bake muffins. My friend gave me these little cole slaw containers to use for baking. It's kind of cute. Very country style, not sweet at all, simple recipe. Buttermilk made it very moist.

Wednesday night, I went home, and made choux. Choux=cabbage in french. Similar to Melon Pan, the shape looks like cabbage, hence the name. After I made it, I went out, and by the time I got home, I was not in any shape to make the filling, so I just went to bed.

This morning, I made whipped cream and mixed with melted chocolate, sort of an easy ganache. I brought it in a bag, and my colleagues will have the joy of having freshly assembled choux this afternoon. My obsession has to stop. I am physically hurting myself from all the turning, mixing, etc. Help me...


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  • Your pain is our pleasure.

    And yes, that’s a baking pun.

    christy on

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