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To kick-off the unveiling of the book based on the wildly popular website, This Is Why You're Fat (TIWYF), NYC is getting its very own Food Truck Twitter-Off next Thursday 10/29. It is guaranteed to be a day of gorging fattasery, in what will be a massive, city-wide scavenger hunt. What fun!

Aptly titled the Eat N' Tweet Challenge, six of NYC's most reputable food trucks will be creating the grossest, fattiest, craza-amaziest TIWYF Special especially for this event. Here's how it'll work:

- Starting at 11am, the Twitter feed, @tiwyf will begin posting info about the first TIWYF Special created by one of the six participating food trucks.

- Every 20 minutes, a new special by a different truck will be announced until all six have been twittered (I refuse to use the word "tweeted").

- Contestants must post a photo or video of themselves at the trucks eating the dishes to @tiwyf.

- The first person to hit up all six trucks, take pics and twitter their TIWYF Specials wins a private food truck party for 25 and they all get free copies of the book.

- The TIWYF Specials will all be "off-menu" - meaning that unless you are aware of the Eat 'N Tweet event, you won't know to order it as it won't be on their menu.

Participating food trucks include:
The Treats Truck*
Cupcake Stop
Cravings Truck
Wafels & Dinges**
Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream
The Bistro Truck

Dude, how badly do I want my own private food truck party??? That's flipfloppin' AMAZING!!! I would kill to be there next Thursday, it sounds like such gluttonous delight!

My dear friend Kiwa of Suite 2046 actually conceived and organized this entire kickass event for the book's publisher, HarperStudio. She is such a fucking rock star, mucho props to her! If this event isn't the most ingenious marketing ploy in publishing history, I don't know what is.

*Did ya'll catch the Treats Truck reference on Gossip Girl last week? HOLLER! Although god, the show is just unwatchable this season. I want the nasty Chuck Bass back! NO FUN!

**Wafels & Dinges won a Vendy Award earlier this month, holler.


  • Jerkey, I challenge you to make it. I know you can, and I know you will.

    kayoko on

  • I would kill for this sandwich. Literally. And I don't mean myself. I mean anyone.

    Meanwhile, the turing question is "scaring". THE IRONY!

    The Jerkey on

  • OR underemployed, overglorified waitresses (MEME!). I would so be at all the trucks right now and totally win this thing, please.

    kayoko on

  • They're called hipsters—sorry, I meant artists.

    Paystyle on

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