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"Luxury" being the key word here. I don't know what I did to deserve such a shift in my life towards decadence that I would have been to JLOB twice now in four months, but I thank the fates for it! \ ('^ o ^ ' ) /* There were only two other parties when we ducked out of the freezing cold into the red-saturated, cozy (what used to be Jewelbako) Jack's Luxury Oyster Bar (2nd Ave @ 5th St. in the East Village -- can't find official website!). There were two gals from the Bay Area at the bar chating up the bartender with excruciatingly annoying, ditzy voices, and a face-sucking couple-monster against the wall -- but hey you can't hold that against the restaurant.

We started off with Oysters six ways. holy shit. I'm not sure exactly what the six ways were, because, honestly, after the first way, I was like fuck, take me ANY WAY -- but they did include an oyster with cucumber ice, with blood orange ice, with crème fraîche and caviar... I am seriously about to swoon just thinking about it. I could have just eaten 5 plates of THIS! Then we had a few small plates: Spaetize Macaroni and Cheese with butter bread crumbs and truffle (mmmm!!!); Lobster Profiteroles with caviar cream (basically choux puffs sliced open with the cream-lobster blend and かいわれ大根 radish sprouts); and finally the Braised Short Rib with bone marrow and potato mousse -- oh god, can you say heart attack? Delectably soft, melt-in-your-mouth fat. The portions seemed so small, but the meal was surprisingly filling -- though of course we had room for dessert: Confit Pear In Phyllo with caramel ice cream and pignoli butter. We were practically licking the plates for all, in fact I think we WERE licking the plates... The flavors were so rich and sophisticated, it's not something I could do everyday (except for maybe the oysters...) but if you're into nose-bleed gorgeous feasting, or if you're looking for a date destination to bed your lady/man friend, this would be a top choice.


  • AMAZING. i’m a loyal Oyster Bar patron myself, but it doesn’t take much to lure me anywhere with oysters. will definitely check it out.

    kayoko on

  • You’re welcome.

    Fates on

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