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Ever since reading Aya's "なまがき fest: Jack's Luxury Oyster Bar" post, I had been out on a mission to eat oysters. Which has since brought me to Shimokitazawa's Jackpot Oyster Kitchen twice. There's something perfect about celebrating pay day (which, by the way, seems to have coincided for those of you in NY and us in Tokyo today) on a Friday with a delicacy like oysters.

And oysters I ate indeed. A complimentary oyster is brought along with drinks - marinated in vinegar. Then we got our 1/2 dozen raw oysters - all from different parts of Japan - labeled with cute little toothpicks with flags declaring their origin. I must admit that one of the key points that brought me back to Jackpot was their woodstone oven. We ordered a four cheese pizza with just the right amount of blue cheese. We also got some vegetable sticks with miso dipping sauce, baked Provence-style oysters, oyster spaghetti, oyster/shrimp pie (pictured) and baked salmon. Coming straight from work on a Friday night, upon ordering I wasn't sure if this was going to be enough food for the three of us (my mom, her husband Lakshman and I). But this was a lot of food in retrospect.

Overall - the oyster spaghetti was awesome. The pizza is one of the best I've had in Tokyo (sadly, Tokyo is not the best place for pizza). I can do without the big screen tv that barfs out MTV Japan endlessly though (thankfully, it's on mute).

- yoko in tokyo


  • きゃ~!!すてき!下北にはよく行ってたけど、こんなところがあったなんて知らんかったよ。Only in Japan would they have little toothpicked notes about where each oyster is from — love that! But I can’t wrap my head around a restaurant that serves both oysters and pizza (in a country where they pour mayonaise on pizza, no less!)!?

    ayagwa on

  • oyster pizza- just my style. i’m quite obsessed with pizza these days, so this is perfect. also LOVE the toothpick flags too- i really hate it when servers don’t inform you where your oysters are from. this is such an innovative solution!

    kayoko on

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