Sake + Shochu Talk
no matter how broke i am, i am always willing to go further into debt by doing three things: going to the Barney's Warehouse Sale (i just scored a Vena Cava dress for $60!), going to Amoeba Music in Berkeley, and going to Fairway, which is the mother lode of grocery shopping in NYC. Stacy called me on saturday morning inviting me to go with her to the Fairway in Redhook, and she casually mentioned the magnificent words: "i have the CAR". grocery shopping, for me, is a holy event in itself (it's a sickness)-but having a car to go to Fairway in NY??? the deep-seeded suburbanite in me howled yes! yes! yes! right away, totally bailing on movie plans i had with friends. sorry! PRIORITIES PEOPLE!!!

now, before i begin my picture journal of this trip, let me just say that compared to the Fairway in the Upper West Side, the Redhook store is paradise--this place is GIGANTIC. wide aisles, no bumping, no traffic jams, no snarky tantrums, i mean this is a DREAM compared to the uptown version. what's more, i went at 2pm on saturday and there were NO LINES at the registers! amazing. admittedly, it's pretty hard to get to without a car- your best bet is the B61 bus. but for Brooklynites and downtown Manhattanites (just take the ferry over), i reassure you that it's worth the trip.

fresh fruit in the entryway, just like uptown- but there is so much SPACE! no huddling on the sidewalk on the cramped corner of Broadway and 74th!

Beautiful produce at a bargain price.

CheeseMan is extremely knowledgeable, personable and will work with your taste and budget.

the prepared food always looks delish- tempting me to stick my grubby fingers in the trays for a tasting while noone is looking... the two-tiered display is really neat design too.

the sign says "caviar, anyone?" Osetra and Beluga in Redhook, Brooklyn? can you dig this??

akin to the jewel-like cakes in the windows of Parisian patisseries, the meat section of Fairway pristinely display their steaks and pork loin. Gorgeous!

look ma, NO LINE!

the Statue of Liberty from the parking lot. the fortress that is Fairway reminds us all that yes, we are in AMERICA.

i didn't get to go to the cafe, which i hear has a great view overlooking the water and the wonderous Madame Liberty, but i'll save that for next time. call me when you have a car!