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Seeing as votes are largely being casted for "boobies" for the Umami Vote question "What would you like to see more of on UM?", I tried searching for something boobie-related to blog about. But blogging about chicken boobies just seemed kind of boring. So forgive me for not being able to fulfill the demand for boobies.

But, I did found something kind of close... jizz!

Part of my dinner last night was shirako (fish jizz). Last night's shirako was from the buri fish. Judging by the size of its sperm, these lads had to be quite, erm, manly.

Buri Shirako (Yellowtail fish jizz)

I personally love shirako and when shirako season starts in the winter, I must ask my wallet to cooperate with me. The first time I had shirako was at Danran as ponzu shirako. This dish is simply raw shirako with a dash of ponzu sause. Shirako is creamy and rich and may be compared to a really smooth, delicate pate. It literally melts in your mouth and leaves a wonderful savory taste that is far from pungent yet totally not tasteless. The tang of the ponzu sauce definitely adds a nice accent to the smooth and delicate taste of shirako.

Kayoko's photo of Ponzu Shirako from her November 2008 post

Last night's shirako was cooked - perhaps steamed, and therefore seems to retain its shape. This stiffness seemed to allow enough stamina for it to withstand a stronger flavor (wait... what am I talking about here?). Therefore, last night's buri shirako seemed to be flavored with a sauce closer to soy sauce than the delicate ponzu sauce.

Although I enjoyed last night's shirako, I would opt for raw shirako with a dash of ponzu. I feel I can savor the texture of shirako to its fullest potential when it's raw.


  • Marc- Please, no DChang references on UM. This is a DChang-Free Zone. Interesting prediction though- although shiokara hasn't caught any traction so I'm not sure shirako will??

    Yoko- have you seen Jizz in My Pants? I watch it whenever I need a quick laugh. They're from Berkeley!

    kayoko on

  • I am totally waiting for the moment when shirako makes its long-awaited arrival in fancy US foodie restaurants. It’s the perfect thing for a David Chang location, right? Edgy, weird enough to keep the bridge and tunnel folks away, actually delicious, and versatile enough that you could serve it a dozen ways or indulge in some fusion tendencies and mix it with something nobody had ever thought of. Mark my words: fish sperm is coming (ahem) to New York soon.

    追放マーク on

  • Julie- I like your style.

    kayoko on

  • I’m a fairly adventurous eater, but this makes me squeamish. I can’t ever imagine dining upon sperm and loving it. Let’s be honest, a couple teaspoons of the human stuff is tolerable, but an entire bowl from another species? No way.

    Julie on

  • I think once shirako catches on it will be all the rage. It’s just so good. And as Marc suggests, you can be really creative with how to serve it.
    Kayoko – No, I will check out Jizz in my Pants . I am leaving for sunny California in a few hours. Can’t wait. Sayonara shirako! Hellos cesos!

    yoko on

  • I want fish jizz. In my mouth. Now.

    Troy on

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