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These are probably the best Baja/Ensenada-style fish tacos I've had since the epic Fish Taco Crawl in San Diego last year (Umamiventure #21). The FISH TACOS neon sign just kept screaming out at me whenever I drove past this little joint, on a busy strip where Berkeley and Oakland meet.


I always order the fish tacos. Two if I'm ultra hungry. They're pretty HUGE (they needn't be, but I suppose it's more bang for your buck, at about $3 a taco).


Two corn tortillas, filled with the requisite sliced cabbage, pico de gallo, cilantro and crema. What adds volume is that they add rice.

Fish Tacos @ Taqueria La Familia

Fish taco in your face.


Fish taco in your face with flash and salsa verde.


I admit, the rice is unneccessary-- it turns out that I'm a Baja fish taco purist! But they fry the fish to order and everything is super fresh thanks to the mamas behind the counter who lovingly watch over and assemble their babies. They've got specials on the menu everyday for $5, and all sorts of other housemade dishes like mole y enchiladas.

Their shrimp tacos are amazing too-- again, the shrimp are grilled to order! But I think the fish tacos, as the neon sign testifies, is the true belle of the ball.

Also, don't forget to get a fresh horchata or agua fresca. And a Corona. On second thought, why not all three?


  • Both sounds wonderful to me :) I’d love to contribute.

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  • I may be gay, but there are few things more delicious than a good fish taco.

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  • Kayoko, can we add a new column dedicated to gay food?

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