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Alda and I went to the beach this weekend. Alda brought snacks. Snacks from Trader Joe's. Banana slices in a plastic bag for 99 cents. No sugar, no preservatives, just... bananas. Joe is a genius.


  • were they dried out? or just mushed? wasn’t it cold on the beach??

    ayagwa on

  • Last time my good friend Laura visited me in Tokyo, she brought me a bag of these. I too was very impressed by the ingredients. Gooood stuff. I wonder how long it’ll take for a TJ’s in Shinjuku to open… next to the Krispie Kreme (opened last summer)… next to the Burger King (reopened in May this year after it failed a few years ago).

    yoko on

  • the beach was gorgeous. not too cold, not too hot.

    the bananas, too are gorgeous. not crisp, just sorta… dehydrated, maybe? not mushy. just delicious.

    kayoko on

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