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Ok, ok, so I've been totally delayed in getting on the Twitter bus. But I'm in the Silicon Valley now so I've gotta start getting hip with all this Web 2.0 stuff right?? Honestly, I just didn't get how to use Twitter- especially the @Replies. Am I alone here?

The clouds parted when Adam Kuban, of Slice and Serious Eats, helped to break down and debunk the Twitter myth for me. Check out this awesome chart!!! (Click image to enlarge)

So all this to say, follow UM on Twitter! It will be updated frequently by UM contributors and myself, so it will be up to the minute info about all the food gab that goes on around here.

If you're not on it yet, sign up- I'm kinda obsessed with it. If you're already on it and you have any cool food links to share, please please please @umamimart the info! Like the chart says, we'll be @Replying right back atcha. What fun! And, if, like me, you get confused with all the @ symbols, just consult this chart!!!

Looking forward to hearing from all you Tweeters of the world!

While you're at it, join the UM Group Page on Facebook, where I update all upcoming Umamiventure info!


  • oh, i def don’t recommend the parenthesis, though… esp if you are @ replying to someone who DOESN’T follow you (say if it’s a friend you just found or you’re replying to a hashtag/trending message from search.twitter.com), they won’t receive the message if you have the ( ) there.

    the only other thing i would say is that you can also direct message someone w/ out going to the twitter website (i do it via text all the time) by entering “d” then a space and then the username, followed by another space and the message. for example:
    d umamimart welcome to twitter!

    i am a complete twitter maniac and am going to go follow you now, so if you have any other questions, feel free to @ me! :))

    kayce. on

  • I love this chart. It makes the world of Twitter crystal clear to me.

    yoko on

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