Anniversary Sale
If it's one place I shop for food, it's Trader Joe's, particularly in New York City. Affordable, creative, delicious, and with options for pets, TJ's (as I lovingly refer to it as) also carries supplements and random toiletries and products for everyday living. The drawback to the place is that you miss the whole ***SUPERMARKET*** experience, with the familiar loads of produce when you walk in, the carts with carseats (?) for kids, extensive bakery/deli/seafood section, and of course, the option to buy bigname and generic brands. It's so nice to waltz into a store and get your Sunchips and Jell-O pudding and all those other random conveniences of Kraft and General Mills, but TJ's definitely gives you bang for your buck. It's kind of like supporting the diner next door... I mean you love the fresh baked bread and their western omelets, but sometimes you just have a hankering for those McDonald's Flurries and hashbrowns.


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