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My mama and I have this ritual lately where we go to the Mt. View farmer's market on Sunday mornings. The market here in the Bay Area is unreal- it's such a vibrant celebration of vegetables and fruits, the way I have never seen in NYC.

There's so much energy and color- even street musicians, just like Union Square. The summer harvest has just been amazing- heirloom tomatoes, cherries, squashes and I just saw the most darling tiny grapes this morning, both translucent green and deep purple. It's all such a visceral experience- so full of life! It's an event I look forward to all week.

Today, we picked up these darling radishes.


Fuminatto used to eat these with butter and salt- a combination she picked up from her years in France. It's such an odd combination, isn't it?? But it actually is quite ingenious- the spicy, crisp crunch of the radish pairs extremely well with some creamy butter and a dash of sea salt. Who knew???


This is a great snack for cocktail hour. Or do as I did and pretend you're in the French countryside, pop open some white wine and feast on fresh vegetables for lunch. Finish it off with a nap of course!


  • I am totally going to try this. yum! you know i love pupus.

    erin on

  • OMG, this looks amazing! Can't wait to move back to Cali.

    yoko on

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