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Hapa Ramen (SF)

Made it to the Hapa Ramen pop-up yesterday for lunch at the Ferry Building. Let's forget about the ramen for a hot second, and talk about their "random celebrity specials." HELL YAH! How could you resist? The special of the day was...

Hapa Ramen (SF)

FREE LINDSAY aka The Lindsay Lohan Sandwich! RAD! Says it's so trashy, we'll love it. Hope it tastes better than Lilo looks right now. Sigh. Oh, Lindsey. Tough life.

Hapa Ramen (SF)

Tonkatsu, watercress, mayo, pickles on a gorgeous roll. I didn't taste the fish sauce?

Pork was excellently fried, and the bread sorta puffed down in your hands. This was a delicious sandwich-- not trashy at all! It was actually quite refined, I thought. Borderline classy, even. I would have given it trashy points had it been doused in tonkatsu sauce, which it was not.

Hapa Ramen (SF)

I was obsessed with their housemade pickles, especially the jalapaños. I stacked them into my sandwich, producing a sweet heat.

Hapa Ramen (SF)

Place was poppin' by noon.

Hapa Ramen (SF)

Hapa Ramen (SF)

Hapa Ramen (SF)

Hope they keep this sandwich on as a special for the next 90 days. FREE LILO!

Ferry Building Farmer's Market every Thursday, 10am to 2pm.
Coffee Bar every Saturday night at 6pm-10pm. (1890 Bryant)
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  • I like how you gracefully avoided talking about the ramen. Okay, well I guess this is my two cents about it – I did not leave happy. I felt like I was eating chow mein in lukewarm sweet soup broth. I will say that the tonkatsu-style fried chicken was very good, but the ramen was extremely confusing. I also was not a fan of the paper bowls that got saggy from the weight of the noodles and broth. All for $10? This was an overpriced and thoroughly confusing meal. I understand that this is not the ramen that I was used to eating in Tokyo – but even with an open mind there were certain things I could not accept (not piping hot, chewy-way-too-thick noodles, sweet broth and soggy bowls).

    yoko on

  • ramen in paper bowls at the sf ferry bldg for $10?? that sounds so, so wrong. i’ve been pondering waiting in line for this but i think i should just go to san mateo instead for some ramen!

    chungy on

  • Yoko: Alright, Bitchfest 2010 is ON!

    Nobuko: Keep it in ENG please! What did you eat when you went?

    kayoko on

  • うーん、やっぱりラーメン食べないでよかった。

    Nobuko on

  • Oddly just had a sandwich Eerily similar to the “Free Lindsay” at a Dog ’n Suds Drive in in Wisconsin.

    Was Richie wearing short shorts and did he hang the tray off your car window? If not, I’m gonna say my experience was superior. ;-)

    erik_ellestad on

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