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I know, this "what's in your fridge" shit is so tired! But I've been wanting to blog about these specific food finds, so I'm just gonna bite it and start the "Fridgin' Out" column. What a DORK.

Here's this funky herb concentrate stuff that I got at a little Argentinian bakery in Jackson Heights called Terma Serrano. Mariana, whose family is from Argentina, urged me to get this-- she says you add it to soda water. It reminds me of an alcohol-free version of digestives like Fernet Branca or Cynar, or coca cola. It's an interesting, bitter, herby flavor.

Fridge Lifeline: at least a year.

I know I was all about Greek Gods yogurt a few weeks ago, but I was too broke, so got the Erivan stuff instead. Easier on the wallet at $2.50 for one of these bigger tubs. And it's really runny, no thickeners, so it's not so heavy. I love it! This is my second tub in two weeks.

Fridge Lifeline: one week.

I picked up these little packets of Otokomae "Johnny" tofu when I went to Mitsuwa a month ago. So creamy, milky and delicious- and love that picture of "Johnny" on the front. I haven't eaten this one cause it's too cold out for cold tofu (don't waste this by cooking it!). I hear that they sell this at Sunrise market in Manhattan, so get on it!

Fridge Lifeline: Another month?
Column: Fridgin Out


  • ha! i actually use the fridge for storage, since i don’t have a lot of cupboard space. i could actually use a glass of that stuff right now… any health benefits you know of?

    kayoko on

  • hey—you actually don’t need to refrigerate that terma stuff! guess i should have provided more precise info!

    mariana on

  • just ate the tofu the other week- it was like way beyond the expire date and it was fine!

    kayoko on

  • I eat that tofu too. But is it okay to eat it past the expiry?? BTW I heard that Pies N Thies MOVED somewhere!

    Sonja on

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