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Fridgin' Out: A Japanese Fridge in Cupertino, The Cooler
Fridgin' Oug: A Japanese Fridge in Cupertino, The Fridge Door

I must say that I totally misunderestimated the absolute horror of my parent's freezer. Honestly, going into this, I thought this would be the easiest compared to the cooler and fridge door. How so very wrong of me.

Seems that when my mother actually gets around to cleaning out the fridge (er, once a year? Every other year???), she throws anything that is remotely borderline passable in the digestibility scale, into the freezer. I found something in here from... wait for it... 2005!!! Let the grossness begin!

All levels and drawers- a total disorganized mess.

This drawer was filled with meats (lots of sausage) and seafood just hanging out in baggies and saran wrap. Not pretty.

Bag of sausages that were freezer burnt and yellowing.*

Who freezes prosciutto??*

Bag o' squid.

Pork for shabu-shabu.

Himono fish for grilling.

Pre-breaded shrimp for frying.

Microwavable fried chicken. Will let you know how this tastes- kinda sounds nasty.

Yet not as gross as a tupperware full of chicken wings from god knows when. Look at those beautiful icicles!*

Imitation crab sticks.


Kanefuku, the best cod roe you can get at a Japanese market in the States.

Really excellent Kurobuta (Berkshire pork) sausage.


Dumplings for boiling. Yum.


Homemade tamales from a friend!

Little Korean rice balls a la Sonja's kimchee jigae.

Sansho pepper.

Ramen soup base.

Bag of yuzu.

Microwavable bun filled with red bean paste.

Mochi ice cream with wrapper open.

Moldy mochi.*

Freezer door was just bags and bags of tea. I also found a ton of tea in the drawers too.

Date producted in... DUNDUNDUN...*

*= In the garbage NOW!
All the crap I threw out- VICTORY!

By the time I was done, I organized everything- meats with meats, tea with tea, sausage with sausage... ahhh...

Both the cooler and freezer are works of art! I can now open the fridge without holding my breath- let's see how long this organization lasts!!!

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  • you know what you should do? Cooking out of what you have in your fridge ONLY for a week. It could be harder than your trial of $100 for 2 weeks.

    Yamahomo on

  • I was about to say you don’t have to go starving with all that food but I realize the food may be expire…

    Usually everything in my fridge is wipe down and clean…my mom is very organize.

    (( Ms. K )) on

  • Think about it, just make rice, fry shrimps, or heat up eels, or make oden, or mix ramen soup with vegees with korean mochi thingy. Hell, just mix kanefuku with mayo, and pour over pasta! You have gourmet dinner for your parents for WEEKS! I have nothing in my fridge today and just made my guilty pleasure pasta with salmon frikake and mayo….

    Yamahomo on

  • are you challenging me? shall we face off?? cause it is SO ON!!!!

    kayoko on

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