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Preface: Fridgin' Out: Ambitious Deliciousness, Pt. 1Last week, Ambitious Deliciousness let us peek inside her freezer, where she stores her seaweed to keep it crispy- GENIUS!!! Would like to thank her for sharing her deepest darkest fridge secrets with us here on Umami Mart.

Now, let's move to the inside of the fridge...

I'll start with the door again. From left to right: some Sriracha wanna-be-sauce, huge jar of mayo, peanut sauce, soba noodle dipping sauce, mirin, peanut butter and ketchup. I love Heinz ketchup.

Second row - butter (I like to keep my fridge stocked with butter whenever it's on sale), lemon vinegar, Dinosaur sauce, salsa, Sriracha sauce, Bacchus-D, maple syrup, Chili hot oil, container for red pepper flakes, blue cheese, and honey mustard.

Dinosaur bbq sauce from the time I made pizza. Delicious sauce from a ribs joint from upstate New York!

Note that both hot sauces have green tops. What does that mean, other than they're from the same place? Yeah, I don't know either!

I used to love Bacchus-D when I was a little girl. It is like the original Red Bull from Korea, with not as much sugar and caffeine. Now it tastes like crap to me. I don't know WHY my mom had it but she insisted that I take it home... all 8 of them.

Lemon vinegar, fish sauce and aloe vera. Imagine a dish containing all three ingredients?

Now we're on the top row. Some fire roasted peppers (I think that needs to be thrown out), strawberry jam, water, fake lemon juice, and a tube of wasabi.

"Gas Hwalmyungsoo" for when you have indigestion. It's like Alka Seltzer in a bottle.

Fruit and Produce bins. On the left are some oranges, strawberries and apples. On the right...

Withered scallions, with some old parsley. It makes me really sad when produce withers...sigh.

Organic skim milk that was on sale! SCORE! This is my favorite kind.

Gochujang (red bean paste) - definitely a Korean staple. It has a spicy kick from the chili peppers that is also sweet. Commonly used for Dweji Bulgogi, Bibimbap and Ddukbokki.

A silver container wrapped in a plastic bag. What could it be?

The plastic is to help it from stinkin' up my fridge. Tada! Radish Kimchi made by my mom.

A jar of pickles and some mushrooms, along with some yogurt.

Leftover burger toppings and romaine lettuce. Yeah... my fridge needs some major reorganization!

More plastic bags?! (see two photos later). Some shredded cheese, more kimchi, and leftover ddukbokki.

Kimchi, coffee, leftover burgers inside the foil, a block of tofu, fresh Shanghai noodles and soy bean paste.

More kimchi! This is the kind where you cut the cabbage into quarters and leave it in tact until it's been fermented. It is harder to make than the other kind, and supposedly tastes better. Thanks, mom!

This batch, made with cubed pieces of Napa cabbage, was especially made for kimchi jjigae and other kimchi dishes. My mom is the best!

Homemade tonkatsu sauce that my sister made for cutlets!

Ground coffee beans in the corner. It eliminates odor inside your fridge. If you haven't noticed already, I have 3 different kinds of kimchi... and this helps tremendously! I change it whenever I make coffee, which is usually on the weekends. Try it!

Dwen Jang (fermented bean paste), Korean version of miso. A must have for Dwen Jang Jjigae!

And finally, leftover fish cake soup aka Odeng soup.

Hope that was enjoyable for you! Can't wait to read more Fridgin' Out posts in the future! :)

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  • that was tre interesting! Yeah, we would need a gas mask to open up my fridge and go through the contents. Not pretty. :)

    Cate on

  • Oh, homemade radish kimchi!!

    Christina Kim on

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