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Hello readers,

I'm the author of Ambitious Deliciousness, a site featuring step by step directions and recipes that inspire me. I hope to inspire people to cook. I find cooking so enjoyable, not to mention eating! I love that food brings people together :)

When I first started reading Umami Mart, I thought that the idea of sharing your fridge contents with the world was a bit... odd. However, I thoroughly enjoyed getting a peek into the fridges of others who have gone before me and wanted to participate in the fun!!

Buckle your seatbelts, everyone... coming to you all the way from Queens... here we go!

There's my fridge above. Not a whole lot on the outside. There is also a really cute photo of my friend's baby and a couple of magnets. I'm extremely lucky because I got a brand new appliances when I moved into my apartment :) SCORE!

The purple pad helps me jot down meal ideas with what's in the fridge so that I don't forget about what's inside. Let's start with the freezer and the make our way down.

Freezer door: on the bottom is dried squid that goes well with beer, and mayo dipping sauce.

Dried kelp squares and dried anchovies in Ziploc bags. This is how I make most broths for Korean soups. It's really simple to do! On the right - a bag of sesame seeds. All from my mom.

Inside left: Let's get a little bit more specific...

Really old multigrain bread that I forgot about.

Yum! Vegetable dumplings. Helps when you have nothing else to eat. I like to steam it or make rice cake soup when I'm in a hurry!

Turkey sausage for the weekends when I actually have time to make a leisurely breakfast! I also have no idea how long that's been in there.

Frozen meats - pork chops and beef for bulgogi.

Frozen onion roti. Takes a while to heat up but supremely delicious. Got 3 of them for $5 and felt like a sucker afterwards. Is that a good deal? I think there are about 6 of them in each bag...

Frozen spinach that I bought when making dip. Buy 1 get 1 free. YAY!

Fruit bars that my friends brought over - a delicious treat!

A strawberry sauce I once made for cake but ended up not using it.

More forgotten old bread!!! I realize this is a bad habit. I would recommend this - three sesame bread with honey from Trader Joe's.

This literally says "Stone seaweed." Their marketing slogan is "rice stealer" which implies that this roasted seaweed is so good that all of your rice will be gone. I don't know if I can vouch for that statement, but who doesn't like roasted seaweed? If you haven't tried it, you totally should. It really is a great addition to an otherwise lame meal!

Behind that is, seaweed for California rolls. This is thicker than the other kind and not seasoned. Just in case you're wondering, keeping seaweed in the freezer helps maintain the crispness. Holla!

Stay tuned next Friday's for the rest of Ambitious Delicious(ness)'s fridge!
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  • A guest appearance! I want some of those mandoo dumplings…

    Christina Kim on

  • I love your fridge! Esp all the korean food you got goin’ on. Yay Est! I think you have the best freezer in the world!


    ~S~ on

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