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Hey everyone, sorry it's been so long since I last posted. Here's my fridge door, replete with post-its, film schedules, receipts, etc.

Our fridge isn't as impressively stocked as Ricky's from last week (also in Queens), but what can I say? I like to keep it understocked, at least with fresh stuff, because that way it never goes bad before being used. I have too many memories of my mom buying a bunch of produce that would slowly spoil...

Mine and Caroline's uncluttered fridge:

In the above photo, you can vaguely make out some umeboshi in the fridge door. There are two varieties at the moment:

The main cavity wasn't that exciting when I took this photo:

The cheese in the drawer above includes Parmigiano Reggiano, some kind of Manchego-like Spanish sheep's milk cheese, cheddar, and some Brie-like substance. Party leftovers...

Here is a photo of that night's dinner—mussels with a massive jug of leftover white wine:

And here is the freezer; as usual, mostly stocked with bread, sauces, soup, etc.

But despite the modest amount of food in the fridge, it's not too difficult to make quick weeknight meals out of ingredients you have on hand... usually I just need to pick up one or two components for a given night's main course. The larger point I want to make is that it's convenient and cost-effective, especially as the world financial situation melts down into a thick goo all around us, to cook at home!

For example, I try to decide what's for dinner by lunchtime, which cuts down on the paralyzing "what should I eat" indecision, and also saves cash by cutting out the purchasing of redundant ingredients. Here are some sample dinners from the week in which the above Fridgin' Out photos were taken:

Mussels (moules mariniéres? my French is rusty, sorry)

Breaded chicken cutlets

Shrimp and snow pea stir fry (made with leftover shrimp)

Turkey burger with tomato salad and oven fries (an attempt at something different, this ended up more like meatloaf on a bun. It was tastier reheated the next day, but beef clearly makes the best burger.)

Sesame-crusted tuna

These recipes all took half an hour or less to prepare (or rather, they would have if not for my agonizingly slow knife skills).

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading, and stay tuned for more cooking-related posts and restaurant updates from Astoria, QNZ!

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  • This is one of the more visually pleasing Fridgin’ Out posts. Very often I lose my appetite after reading Fridgin’ Out, but not this one. Well done!

    Paystyle on

  • How do you keep everything SO neat? This is amazing – Ziplocks and Tupperwares for everything. I also like how all the foods are declaring themselves with white writing. That probably enhances the neatness even more.

    yoko on

  • nice fridge!

    ayagwa on

  • The cheese isn’t “party leftovers”. It’s cheese that was bought for the party that Tyson saved for himself… ahem.
    I’m glad people think our fridge is clean though. If only Tyson took pictures of the masking tape labels on the Tupperware in the freezer…

    Caroline on

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