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Recently, I house-sat for my boyfriend's mom. While staying there I set up a small challenge for myself to only eat what was stocked in that kitchen. I found lunch to be the most difficult meal of the day as most food in the house needed to be cooked or prepared in someway. I did my best, however, definitely ran into a few hunger management issues around noon each day.

My boyfriend's a vegetarian so before she left, she kindly stocked the fridge with many meat alternatives and tons of cheese. Essentially every meal revolved around serious amount of dairy including: yogurt, cottage cheese, cheddar cheese, jalapeno jack cheese, Monterrey jack cheese, Sargento Mexican blend shredded cheese, and herbed goat cheese.


Here is a general run through of last week:

Breakfast was not a problem. Each day I ate one of three meals: fresh strawberries on top of health conscious carb-friendly Dannon yogurt. (It's definitely not as tasty as Greek yogurt, but good nonetheless).


If I was feeling ambitious I would typically make a scramble with tofu, jack cheese and fresh avocado and heat up a couple of the whole wheat tortillas. OR I would make a personal favorite, eggs-in-a-hole with multi-grain toast, one egg, a few thin slices of cheese and a touch of whipping cream.

I packed my lunch for the first few days with my bag filled with random slices of tofu, cheese and fresh fruit, which resulted in a meager meal at best. I was usually starving by the time I got home from work (I literally spent the last few hours at my desk dreaming about what melted cheese concoction I could come up with). Although, I stuck to packing my lunch for the first few days, by Thursday I eagerly accepted an lunch invitation from my co-worker. (We went Tender Greens and got massive Chinese chicken salads).

Dinner was pretty easy however, the first night I was so famished from my lunch that I immediately prepared tortillas and hummus while while I made dinner. There were a bunch of fresh avocados, so I typically made a salad consisting of fresh baby mozzarella and sliced avocado, with dressing made from balsamic and a dash of Tapatio hot sauce.

I also prepared open faced Boca burgers with both cheddar and jack cheese, finished with tomato slices and a small amount of the Asian Ginger vinaigrette.


After dinner we had a vodka on the rocks garnished with fresh strawberries and classic Fudsicles.


I loved housesitting for the week. Next time however, I think I'll take advantage of the lovely grown-up kitchen by cooking a massive meal after taking a trip to the grocery store.

*Sarah is a film producer in sunny Los Angeles. Currently she's obsessed with Kogi at The Alibi Room in Culver City.
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  • “After dinner we had a vodka on the rocks garnished with fresh strawberries and classic Fudgsicles.”

    That is nothing short of amazing.

    ActuaLLy, the fact that you even pLugged KoGi is nothing short of amazing as weLL. For some reason I aLways thought Umami Mart was mostLy NY-based – w/ the exception of some excursions de internacionaL.

    DUDE. Thanks for the shoutout to the ALibi Room! It’s been a rough week, so it’s much appreciated.

    (( H U G ))

    Aliiiiiiiiice on

  • Or the Roots as the resident band for Jimmy Fallon! Who woulda guessed that would ever happen back in 95???

    Wait… you’re in LA, right? Will def give you a holler the next time I’m in town.

    kayoko on

  • Omgz! Kayoko commented on my comment!

    I shouLd probabLy be saying this not in the 3rd person…lemme try again…

    Omgz! Kayoko — YOU commented on my comment! Very cooL!

    You know what eLse is cooL? When Jeni/OE came to NYC and I saw postage and pictures on that.

    It was kind of like back in 2000, when Destiny’s ChiLd opened for Christina AguiLera. Or India Arie opening for John Legend nowadays.

    Aliiiiiiiiice on

  • Thanks for stopping in, Alice!!! We’re trying to get more LA coverage so stay tuned for that. Keep spreading the KOGI love!

    kayoko on

  • fo sho!

    Aliiiiiiiiice on

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