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I'm trying to take a new approach to Fridgin' Out- thought that it would be more interesting if just the more unique, peculiar items were featured. So I went through my best friend Khoi's fridge the other week and found some great stuff (fire-engine absinthe from Spain!). Khoi and his wife Sarah live in San Francisco, within spitting distance of the de Young Museum, with their dog Lola. I've gotten to know their fridge quite well, as I'm always randomly showing up and helping myself to a beer or two. You so want me as a houseguest.

Here's a couple of highlights from their fridge- in their own words.

The Bruno's peppers are made by my Godfather's friend in Stockton. He has all different kinds of products. The peppers are so yummy- once you start eating them, you can't stop. Maybe that's why I have heartburn. They also have jalapeno's that are pickled-they aren't too hot and are really good plain or in burgers, sandwiches, or hot dogs.


The Mendocino Mustard is my favorite...I really only like turkey sandwiches with that mustard. Perfect combo of spicy and sweet. I usually make a sandwich and add the peppers and the Mendo mustard- that's my ideal sandwich!


Sarah likes mustard, but I avoid it.

NATASHA (Khoi's sister-in-law)
Whiskey “Captain Rum” is Russian, made in the Far East of Russia. the brand called Ussuriisky Balsam.


I believe the Absinthe is from Spain. I bought it in one of the grocery stores in Russia.


Khoi just told me that he strapped speakers to his bike and blasted MJ all the way to work this morning. See why we're best friends??? RIP Michael.

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