Sake Gumi
I've been saving this video by Mr. Chi-City that was featured on Today's Big Thing back in October, for a day that just needs some extra laughs. Today is that day. This video (titled "Keeping your refrigerator stocked will get you many women") is so obscenely funny that I just could not pass it up for Fridgin' Out. It's ridiculously offensive and downright piss in your pants funny.

For all my ladies: what type of drink chick are you? Cherry Coke? Mystic? Arizona Iced Tea??? Freeze pop??? You know I would go straight for the pizzas. Leave your answers in the comments below. Special thanks to Janet for sending me the link! It just never gets old.
Column: Fridgin Out


  • I guess I’m a hood chick…

    cherry coke + “big girl” snacks = netflix heaven.

    Jones on

  • Im more of a gingerale type of gal….reg or flavored ones are welcomed -=D

    wonders on

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