*This week I asked Zach over at NYC's Midtown Lunch to give us a little peak into his fridge. You all know what he eats for lunch everyday- here's a chance to see how he do at home. Enjoy! -kayoko

Alright... so here it is. My fridge. Very exciting. Since I eat gross lunches every single day, I usually cook dinner at night for my wife and I. We get most of our groceries from Fresh Direct, which came yesterday, so this is about as full as our fridge gets. If you had a photo on Monday, it would have been almost empty.

Anyway, starting on the bottom shelf... there's always some Sabra hummus with pine nuts in the fridge (perfect for dipping carrots into), leftover smoked salmon from our Sunday brunch (we had friends over for H&H Bagels), chicken breasts and broccoli.

On the middle shelf, two kinds of cream cheese (also leftover from Sunday brunch), a pint of horseradish pickles (my new favorite thing) purchased on Saturday from the mini farmer's market on 43rd btw. 9+10th, Lemonade (Tropicana), Milk (1% Horizon Organic), and OJ (Tropicana, also leftover from Sunday).

Top shelf. The people from POM sent me some free samples. I told them I don't write shill for products on Midtown Lunch, but they sent them to me anyway. I guess they knew my fridge was going to be featured on Umamimart! To the right of that is some leftover pesto pasta with tomatoes that I made over the weekend, plain yogurt, milk for our six month-old baby, applesauce (also for the baby), 1/4 of an onion, and baby carrots (to be dipped in the hummus on the bottom shelf.)

The shelves, bottom (from left to right): Bottle of Sauvignon Blanc ($11 from Fresh Direct), soy sauce, oyster sauce, gluten free soy sauce (for when my sister-in-law comes over, she has celiac), Louisiana Hot Sauce (New Orleans represent!), whipped cream, double black soy sauce (been awhile since that's been used), and ketchup. Top shelf: Dog food, blackberry jam, raspberry jam, eggs.


Drawer: More carrots, mushrooms and a zucchini


BONUS! My freezer, from left to right: Thai green curry paste (I usually make it in big batches and then freeze it), pesto (same deal as the curry paste), eggplant pasta sauce (same deal as the curry paste and pesto), Vodka, the last remnants of soup I made from a Lidia Bastianich cookbook, a parbaked baguette from Fresh Direct, and assorted frozen stuff from Trader Joe's (naan, puff pastry, tamales). Top shelf of the freezer had a bag of edamame, and a bunch of frozen milk for our baby (but I figured you didn't want to see that!)

That's it!

*Midtown Lunch is a blog dedicated to finding good, interesting, and cheap lunch in the food wasteland of New York City’s Midtown Manhattan. About Zach: Fat man, likes to eat. What, that’s not enough?

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  • Welcome to UM Zach! Love the top shelf dog food!

    Paystyle on

  • hmm… making a big batch of thai curry and then freezing it… brilliant. i have to learn how to make that!

    Danny on

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