Sake Gumi
This week, I've gone into my girl Vanessa's fridge, who lives in San Francisco at the moment. She has moved since these pictures were taken, so you will be looking at what was eventually all thrown out. Sad! But I think that as a generation of transients and constant apartment movers, we all have this fridge dilemma when moving out- you've just gotta let it go though.

I'm going to do her fridge in two parts, cause she just had so much fun stuff that I'm starting with the freezer first. Here goes!

Edamame- which reminds me that everyone should have an emergency bag of this stuff. Perfect to add to summertime salads.

Natto! I've taught this girl well.

A treasure trove of Trader Joe's items- I've never seen some of this stuff here in the NY store. NO FAIR! Buffalo burgers:

Korean style short ribs??? OMG!!! I am dying to try these- can anyone comment on how they taste?
This bag of bbq chicken was just chillin in the freezer opened and all of it fell out when I went to grab it. HILARIOUS!

Spinach and mozzarella ravioli.

Some sort of fancy "pizza" with ham, carmelized onions and gruyere.
Thin mints!!! They are best frozen, for sure.

Chinese sausage- good call!

Coffee beans- the storing of coffee beans and teas has come up a few times in Fridgin' Out. I've heard both arguments of storing them in the fridge, and out. At this point, I think it's just a matter of preference.

Pre-seasoned eel- this is actually the perfect summertime meal too, just put it in the broiler or toaster for like 5-10 minutes and make a cucumber salad with it. Add some edamame too!

Does this stuff really work?
V's freezer reminded me that it's smart to buy ready made meals more, or just start freezing stuff for later, in general. I never really freeze anything, but I think that's also because I don't have a microwave. I'm not so into nuking stuff, I find it to be a weird concept.

Stay tuned for her totally stocked fridge!!!

*V and I met in college, and had a radio show together- we aired at like 3am, and attracted all sorts of vampire lunatics and midnight cabbies. We would get some crazy phone calls- we had some loyal fans. To this day, she keeps my music library in check. Lykke Li!