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I'm back this week with my lady Vanessa's fridge. You may recall that I went through V's fridge a few weeks ago, as she was moving out of her SF apartment- here's her fridge, just as fun as her freezer was!

Fish sauce! I remember this just sat in my cupboard for a few years in my last apartment- this one is pretty untouched too. Has anyone ever used up an entire bottle of this stuff??? Mmmm summer rolls...

Packs of udon noodles. This seems to be a popular fridge item- I remember them in Yoskay's fridge, and Mariana's too.

A bag of miso. I put mine in a ziploc bag too!
A nice container of asian pears. I don't know why TJ's packages their fruits this way, it seems so wasteful.

Cat food! Holla to Masi!

Irish oatmeal- I always want to get this, especially in the really nice white round can (I'm such a sucker for packaging!), but not sure how to cook it. Is this just like regular oatmeal?
Rice vinegar. Organic? Is that necessary?
TJ's chicken broth. A good pantry item, though it doesn't last too long once it's open.

Premium chunk chicken from TJ's. V, why is this in the fridge?

Real leftover chicken. Yum.

Havarti cheese slices.

Fridge door! My favorite part.

Kim chee!

Sriracha. My brother seriously went through a phase where he went through one of these bottles every week. Vanessa used to come over in college and he would cook for us- he fucking put it on everything. He's cooking professionally now- WATCH OUT!

An unopened can of artichoke hearts. In the fridge again? Love this girl.

Hot sauce! I want to do a hot sauce battle soon. What's your favorite?

Vegetable boxes- this was my favorite part of V's fridge. Check it- midnight snackysnacks.
Best part- one of the boxes was devoted to various grains and beans. Looked like they were from some fancy health food store or something. They were all neatly labeled and tightly sealed.

Couscous, brown rice, some variety of beans. So healthy! I need to start eating more like this for sure. Less carbs, more grains! Relinquish the noodle! Yeah right. Never.

*I'm sorry I missed last week! Keep Fridgin' Out alive and tell me what's in your fridge. Nosy eaters want to know. Send pics to
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  • how was your fuckation, Kayoko?

    Yamahomo on

  • omg Homo, come monday i’m gonna KILL YOU. ummm… awkward… and i can’t even delete this cause Er commented on it too! Er- don’t egg him on!

    i’m putting Homo on commenting probation for a few weeks.

    although i will admit that fuckation is a pretty kickass word.

    i’ll put it in your eulogy, Homo.


    ps- if Hideko reads this and she comments on it, i’m gonna double kill you.

    kayoko on

  • ps- fuckation is my new favorite word.

    erin on

  • i want a drawer for legumes and grains…genious!

    erin on

  • this reminds me of when my friends threw a surprise party for me and baked me a cake when i made out with a boy in high school.

    clearly, some things in life never change- like the kind of friends i have made throughout the years.

    i hate all of you.

    can’t we just talk about oatmeal and fish sauce? or maybe there is a connection between what’s in people’s refrigerators, and sex?

    worth a shot.

    so, Chuchoter, tell me more… do you add milk in when you cook the oatmeal???

    get me the fuck out of here!!!

    kayoko on

  • I heard that the fuckation was awesome, as evidenced by the glow around Kayoko. :P

    ayagwa on

  • gosh…i was just going to talk about the irish oatmeal…looks like there’s something else going on here…and I think i will keep to Vanessa’s fridge…

    Irish oatmeal is delish. You have to cook it much longer, but it is worth it. Add fresh fruit and top with honey or maple syrup.

    Chuchoter on

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