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Here is a soundtrack while you snoop through my refrigerator: Hua's Fridge muxtape

(I am hooked on Muxtape. Here are more.)

Fifteen pieces of flare are required to work in this kitchen. The photograph in the top left corner is of Araki Yasusada, who I met on a train many years ago. I do not think we should invade France, but some angry citizen at a rally in Cambridge in 2003 apparently did. Above the fridge is one of those eco-friendly Cup Noodles things. Foucault and Freud are having a broment. I bought the portable mug next to the fridge in order to transport Typhoid vaccine from Cambridge to Brooklyn, or something.

A jar of strawberry jam I bought the day I moved in. I am sure the light of day will reveal it to be filled with strange growths, so it stays in the corner. A brick of foie gras from France that I have three more years to eat. Disgusting organic peanut butter. Rao's Pasta Sauce, which I bought after watching a segment on ESPN. Mayo, mustards flanking apricot preserves, capers.

A long-neglected bottle of wine. Soy sauce and ponzu sauce. Rooster sauce. Sesame oil. Genesee Cream Ale, which is far more exotic if you grew up on the West Coast and discovered it late in life. Pomegranate juice, peach (?) beer, Smokin' Habs hot sauce (The label depicts a bunch of peppers who seem to be stoned. Or maybe their eyes are bloodshot from the sauce?). Red peppers and Flax Seed oil.

Somewhere in there: artichokes, asparagus, string beans, carrots, tomatoes, broccolini, blueberries, a ubiquitous block of tofu, banana bread, Pellegrino.

The only reason I bought fake bacon is because I was at the store looking at the fake meats and I thought to myself, There should be a brand of fake meats called HAIL SEITAN! or SEITAN RULES! I'm sure I'm the eight-thousandth person to open their fridge and make this joke.

Radishes, smoked swiss, an apple (not a Pink Lady, unfortunately), some bacon fat in the Pellegrino bottle that I nobly saved but will probably never use, and beer. In the back of this tier, spotlit by the Regal Beagle lighting, is a pan that catches a leak--I'm unclear where the leak originates. Mango salsa, purchased after thinking briefly about the cavemen.

Two containers of ice cream I don't remember buying, some fish and frozen peas. Inspired by Richard Yates (manuscript) and William Jefferson (pilfered $), I keep my cash in the freezer, under my ice tray. I'm not sure why I am telling you this, other than to make my freezer seem more interesting.

*Hua teaches English at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY. You can hear his fantastic mixtapes and his voice live on Tuesdays, for his weekly radio show The Finer Things Club on WVKR.

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  • yeah, yeah… but what about Heesok Chang’s fridge?

    Jk on

  • fridge mix rocks! love this track by Freeze. “everybody’s got a special song”. so true!

    kayoko on

  • love the Yoshitomo Nara drawing on your fridge.

    didn’t know you were lactose intolerant.

    kayoko on

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