Today, let's talk about the staple items in your fridge. What can always be found in the fridge on any given day of the year? The stuff you can't live without? I haven't done my own fridge for a while, so here goes.

It's a pretty sad state of affairs in this single girl fridge.

Veggie boxes are pretty empty- how SAD is this picture??
But I do always have scallions, which is what's in the plastic bag. I literally put scallions in everything- especially since I'm a noodle whore, fresh scallions are muy importante. Once when I went camping in Baja, I was the resident cook (since I do not do any tent pitching or fire making). What did I buy? Bundles and bundles of scallions. Throw them in omelets, instant noodles, sandwiches, burritos. It just makes everything taste fresh. It's magic.

Half & half. No regular milk in my coffee, no way. These days I buy the expensive organic stuff, but it seems to go bad after a week unlike the cheap stuff. Can anyone riddle me that?

Yogurt- got this Ronnybrook stuff at the farmer's market. Not my favorite, but I'm always up for trying different kinds of yogurt. I try to have yogurt every morning with a banana and granola so I always buy it by the pint. I really should start making it on my own like Yoko.

You can always find large brown eggs in here. I like em' soft boiled and runny.
Kewpie mayonnaise. Enough said.

Maille mustard. I am a bit of a mustard connoisseur, and have several bottles in the fridge door at a time. But Maille is hands down the best there is, I swear.

Fumiko brought this back from Japan for me- it's Kamada brand dashi shoyu, meaning it's soy sauce flavored with bonito or konbu dashi. Umami, people! I drizzle this on everything- cold tofu, eggs over easy, dumplings. I think you have to special order it in Japan.

I have an unhealthy obsession with noodles. Udon, ramen, soba, somen, pasta, egg noodles, rice noodles, etc. Here's a bottle of soba tsuyu, which is noodle soup base. Some require you to add, or not add water. This isn't a very good brand, but it's gets the work done when I want some cold noodles (about 4 times a week).

In the freezer, you will always find frozen dumplings from Chinatown or Koreatown for kimchee dumplings. YUM. Right now I'm obsessed with the Good Dumpling House on Grand. This bag is $10 for 50 dumplings. It's so easy- just throw them in boiling water for 8 minutes. After work and yoga, who wants to come home and cook for your lonesome self? I know, I should work on that.

I never got around to buying magnets. Yes, I use the top of my fridge for storage. In NY, every empty space counts!
Column: Fridgin Out


  • Hi,

    Love the blog! I look forward to all of the new entries every day.

    I just wanted to point out that the Dashi-shoyu that you have in your fridge- it is available in the US, but I think only in certain areas. My brother lives in Seattle and sends us boxes of the little cartons, so I know that somewhere in Seattle has them :-)

    Anonymous on

  • Thanks for sharing.
    That looks pretty empty…hehe

    (( Ms. K )) on

  • thanks! good to know!!! i will start looking for them at Japanese markets. it’s the best, isn’t it?

    kayoko on

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