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The Work Fridge tends to be a little scary, no matter where you work. You may have the most respectable colleagues, toiling away in spotless, clutter-free work spaces, but when you look inside the Work Fridge, all hell breaks loose. If you work in an office, you know what I'm talking about.

Let's take a look- continue reading at your own discretion. I hope this isn't breaking any code of conduct labor laws. Photos taken by me, and Yamahomo's iPhone. Yes, we work together. Yes, he's just as outrageous in the work place.

FYI, there are about 70 people who work at our glorious non-profit cultural institution (read: we all MUST pack a lunch, because we cannot afford to go out).

They are actually pretty strict about the Friday by 5pm rule. Our guys will throw your shit out mercilessly if you don't claim it.

Funny cartoon:
Lots of different types of tea. They say that the leaves stay fresher in the freezer. Has that been scientifically proven?

Frozen meals:
Ice cream:
Nuking fries is just plain wrong.
"I'll have the alfalfa sprouts, and a plate of mashed yeast."
- Alvie Singer, Annie Hall
Cold compress- inappropriate:
Fridge door:
I'm finding that the fridge door is the most fascinating place in the fridge. People really love their weirdo condiments!

The fridge:
So scared to look inside:
This is healthy and wallet-friendly: just buy ingredients for a salad and toss right before you eat it. Here we have romaine, feta, olives, and a tomato. SMART!
Yamahomo and I held our breath when opening this:
Yamahomo brought in this huge oversized container of homemade mango lassi. WHO IS THIS MAN???
Ronnybrook Farm Milk. The farm sells their dairy products out at the farmer's market every Wednesday, and so there are lots of their products in the Work Fridge. They make the best milk chocolate ever.

Everyone is always dieting!!!
A compact lunch neatly packed in a ziploc bag.

One of those "designer" lunch bags. A bit over the top. I think it's really great to pack a lunch for work, but am not into these "lunch purses" that I see ladies holding on the train.
Ok, this is my lunch. Kinda cute right? Japanese people wrap their lunch boxes in handkerchiefs. It's really weird.
Back of the fridge- NO MAN'S LAND.

Some other scary products you know have been in here for god knows how long.
The veggie box- not bad.

Butter box- individual things of grape jelly. Jam companies need to stop making this shit. WHO likes grape jelly???

By far the nastiest thing we found in the fridge- fucking mayo that expired back in July 2006. I swear this was here when I started in 2005. NASTY!!!
The Work Fridge also creates heated feuds over email throughout the organization. Here's an example:

Mary: "Dear all, I found my leftovers in the trash today. Please be respectful of your colleagues, and do not randomly throw out things in the communal refrigerator."
John: "Well, did it have your name on it?"
Mary: "Yes it did. They were leftovers from yesterday and I was going to eat it today."
Henry: "Mary, let this be a lesson, and just eat your entire lunch next time."
Mary: "Henry, that is disrespectful. I am reporting you to HR."

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  • I should have taken pics of my home fridge (Japan). My mom cannot throw expired food until she actually sniff them and taste them. If it’s sour, she will throw out, but if it doesn’t, she will eat them.. The best is when she finds rotten milk, she says “Good, this helps my constipation”. Mom Rocks!

    Yamahomo on

  • omg i was looking for that email!!! FIND THAT EMAIL!!!!

    kayoko on

  • Oooh…I wish I still had the all-staff email that went out a few years ago from a certain someone that went something like this: “Who stole my very expensive half-eaten pizza from the kitchen? This pizza cost more than $20, so whoever ate or threw away my extravagant pizza should be ashamed.”

    Christy on

  • i love your fridge series, it’s like peeking into people’s medicine cabinets but more fun!

    Allison on

  • OMG, this reminds me of my sister’s fridge. Except she would have three, 95% empty, expired jars of mayo. She, also, cannot throw things out. As a chef, I don’t have the priveledge of working in an office, and I swear I never imagined it could be so scary. Thanks for the enlightenment, Umami (also LOVE the name, BTW =D )!

    kayce. on

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