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A single Japanese male rarely eats at home. He works all day, and drinks all night. The uncommon instances he eats at home usually falls somewhere within the 18th and 24th of the month (pay day in Japan for salaried workers is on the 24th or 25th), when he breaks into the emergency stash of instant ramen shoved in the back of the kitchen cupboard.

Here is a glimpse into the fridge of a Japanese male (my boyfriend) who lives alone.

The fridge with random magnets from Hawaii, a really ugly monkey and instructions for taking out the garbage.

The fridge door contains eggs (to accompany instant ramen), butter, mayonnaise, soba tsuyu and a Brita water filter.

Here's the main part of the fridge.

I bought this kimchee in January.

This mentaiko is not reeking up the whole fridge so it must not be that old.

Anpanman apple juice from his concerned mom.

Nescafe canned coffee he randomly won at 7-11. This has been here for over a year.

This Guava Butter is a gift from his sister who went to Hawaii on vacation in September 2008.

And here's the rest:

Miso: expired.

Miso vegetable condiment dip: expired

Parmesan cheese: expired

Shiso kombu condiment: expired (just last week!)

Ginger condiment: expired

Wasabi: expired

Fridges can tell you a lot about its owner. I just hope that my boyfriend's fridge isn't a hint that he'll expire soon too.
Column: Fridgin Out


  • Lol, that’s a pretty hilarious post!

    Ricky – Is it really true that miso doesn’t expire? That’s awesome then b/c I have a ton of white miso paste that I was gonna throw away but now I can keep using!

    Paystyle on

  • its been proven on morning japanese tv that miso doesnt expire.

    Ricky on

  • I love it!!! Anpanman is my hero!

    Oh, Washi…

    kayoko on

  • Hysterical. my friedge would look almost exactly like this if I didn’t live with Tmonkey… scary!

    ayagwa on

  • I was kidding it does go bad, but it really depends on the salt content. I would recommend scraping off the drier parts on top and see if the stuff underneath tastes fine

    Ricky on

  • OMG Pay that is hilarious.

    Japanese sarcasm isn’t too far off from the Brits though. It’s very subtle and dry and borderline mean. Well then there’s the slapstick stuff too which I love. No matter what, it will be perverted. Always.

    C’mon guys, miso doesn’t expire does it? According to my mom’s fridge, it lasts forever.

    kayoko on

  • Dangit, a part of me knew you mayt be joking , but Japanese sarcasm is difficult to detect over written words, kinda like how British humor is difficult to detect in real life.

    Paystyle on

  • Ricky, I do the scraping off method with butter too – like cutting off the suspicious parts that are beginning to look like plastic. I do notice that Japanese products, in general, have pretty short “enjoy by” dates. It must be a governement thing; they are really paranoid about food safety here.

    yoko on

  • Johnny says, “That’s FINE!”

    Kayoko on

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