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Alright folks, this post is to debunk your romantic notions of the starving artist. My brother's bff Yoskay is an awesome painter, living in a fat loft space in Japantown, LA, with fellow awesome artists Tessar and Nate. They all hustle hard so they can focus on their art as much as possible- good for them!

Anyway, here's what was in their fridge- even though they're on a tight budget, I am proud of them for taking care of themselves so well. My own fridge definitely isn't as well stocked as this one.

Filtered water! AND they also have a Brita. No tap water for these boys, no no. Grapefruit juice too, you know, for your vitamins.

TOFU! Almost too healthy.

2 huge packs of eggs- for the late night 5 egg omelets.

Yoskay has a great creation for these 99cent packs of udon noodles- instead of making a soup, he pan fries it. Pretty ingenius.


Not one, but two big packs of miso. I guess one is Yoskay's and the other is Tessar's. They're asian, what can I say- gotta have your miso, apparently.

Chocolate dipped strawberries- WTF?? One of them (who shall remain nameless) had a lady friend over for Vday-- ohh la la. I hope he got some.

If anything, I know they're sleep deprived, not nutrition deprived. You boys gotta sleep!!

Yoskay's unfinished sculpture, holdin' down the fridge. Yoskay, I want that!

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  • i’m jealous of these guys. that food looks good.

    - on

  • Love the tofu! We had to do a video to prove all tofu haters wrong about tofu. The video kinda worked in getting the haters to cross over….but theres still lots of work to do to spread the joy of soy! :)

    white on rice couple on

  • Hi Kayoko,

    Great post! Can’t help myself not to comment a bit on it (although I know Tessar might not be too happy if he knows I am writing here). Being Tessar’s mother, I really am glad to know that he is eating well and healthy. :).

    Good to know your ‘Umami Mart’, it seems that lots of interesting thing worth to read here, thanks.

    Greeting from Toronto,
    Jennie Lo

    Anonymous on

  • Jennie- thanks for stopping in! No need to worry- i think these boys are doing just fine in LA. Pretty sweet space they have, and I was super impressed with how clean it all was. They even take off their shoes!

    Tessar- your mom is RAD! I wish my mom would comment on here!

    kayoko on

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