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Magnolia Pub & Brewery (SF)

I love chicken livers, but battered in panko and fried???? HOLY HOTCAKES! I could not stop-- I think I ate this entire plate all by my lonesome. No sharing, sorry!

The nuttiness of the livers were totally enhanced by the hot crunch of the outer layer-- that unmistakable flavor of fried food. Look at how perfectly they're fried! Golden but not soggy. Crispy but not burnt. Big fat pieces perfect for picking up with your fingers and biting into.

Magnolia Pub & Brewery (SF)

Crispy on the outside, with a special treasure on the inside. This is true happiness.

Check out the rest of our feast here. We definitely ordered the entire menu-- watch out, there's two menus floating around so don't forget to peak at both. I have to say that the food is incredible at Magnolia. They've got all my favorites: oysters, charcuterie and a kickass burger.

And now that I've discovered these fried chicken livers, I'm set for life. These will definitely be at my L'ultimo Cena (aka Last Supper).

Get to Magnolia Pub asap-- Strong Beer Month only goes until the end of the month! The Thunderpussy Barley Wine was such carmelized goodness.

Magnolia Pub & Brewery (SF)

They're not kidding about these beers being strong, either-- now I understand why they call is "Strong Beer Month", as silly as that sounds. I was so wasted after three beers, it was embarrassing.

I'm gonna try to have more of these Umamimart Happy Hours, we had so much fun on Monday! Thanks everyone for coming out!

Magnolia Pub & Brewery (SF)

1398 Haight Street (at Masonic)
San Francisco, CA
T: 415.864.7468


  • my favorite were the pork nuggets! they were SO good. yes, i really hope we have more of these happy hours, it was truly magical. great food, great company.

    yoko on

  • kayoko, don’t forget the curly spipcy chicharrones!

    Enric on

  • Oh Enric, those tasted of woodchips, dusted with some spice powder. We couldn’t even bite into them, they were so hard!

    Pic here:

    kayoko on

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