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Besides okonimiyaki, Osaka is known for another genius culinary invention: kushikatsu (aka kushiage). It's so dreamy. Various meat and seafood parts, sometimes utterly inappropriate but so delicious. All kinds of vegetables. All breaded, then fried. On a stick! Yippee!!!

We went over to the Jan-Jan strip of the city (above neon sign), where the taxi driver recommended a kushikatsu place to us. There are a ton of these spots in the city, way too many to choose from, so a personal recommendation from a local is always the best way to go.

Btw, the cabbies in Osaka and Kyoto knew everything and were definitely the best to talk to for any historical references and food recs in the city.

We of course sat at the counter and order each stick one by one. It's the way life should be. Ok, onwards with the fried finger delights!

Menu of their offering on the board. Meats, seafood, vegetables, all between 100 and 300 yen per stick (roughly $1-3).

Many chefs behind the counter doing all the dirty work. Each burn scar on their arms was an unspoken omen of tough machismo. There were no women working here.

Asparagus, pumpkin, mushrooms, shishito on top of the counter, meats in the icebox underneath.

Skewers frying. The read says DO NOT TOUCH!

Shrimp, shiitake mushrooms, pumpkin, and a deep fried hard boiled egg!!!

Pork, octopus, and more pumpkin.

I can't tell what this is- but doesn't it look delicious? The bamboo cup next to it is for your stick!

Free cabbage to munch on as palette cleansers, and a huge vat of sauce to dip your stick into (absolutely NO double dipping!!). Little sign says to go ahead and eat cabbage with your hands.

The only non-fried thing on the menu- "dote yaki" beef intestines (motsu) stewed in a miso sauce. So good.

Yaekatsu sign:

Jan-Jan strip:

Tsutenkaku tower.

Osaka was so wild and retro- I loved every second of it. Definitely a great food city.

Naniwaku-ku Ebisu Higashi 3-4-13
Osaka, JAPAN
T: 06-6643-6332


  • MMMM looks good. I wanna go back (to japan). Take me!

    yaka on

  • wow, it looks AMAZING… i would have gone for octopus, egg, and pumpkin! _

    kayce. on

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