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...well, not quite. but research centers should look into this cause seriously, frozen peas seem to remedy all sorts of things: icing sprained ankles (been there many a time), making a batch of soup when you are sick, and of course, keeping your thermostat cold.


when i looked up in Fumiko and Jorge's hallway last night as i was leaving, i saw this and was completely bewildered. i initially thought that it was an art project of sorts (must be an artist's political statement, duh). we all looked at each other with confused looks on our faces, until Fumiko figured out that it was there to keep the thermostat cold, so the heat never stops generating. A-HA! GENIUS! once again, that inconspicuous bag of frozen peas you bought 2 years ago saves the day-- keeping us warm during the cold winter months.

frozen peas, we salute you.


UPDATE: i was just talking to my co-worker, Dawn, who told me that SHE and her boyfriend Karl practically INVENTED this ingenius pea trick to cool down the thermostat. turns out that she is good friends with people who live in Fumiko's building, and she told them about this- hence, there were frozen peas on the thermostat last night. isn't it a small world???


  • I have to show this to my elderly downstairs neighbor—she’s always balancing a ziploc of ice on our thermostat. This looks far less unwieldy.

    judy on

  • ha! i love this – especially that frozen peas can be tagged with “tech”

    yoko on

  • Green pea’s in da house!

    And we’ve only got smart people in our building. Listen, this morning I heard this conversation in the staircase, over our friendly green peas who keep us warm:

    - … you think they’re kyoto-correct?

    - you mean environmentally-friendly?

    - uh uh…

    - well they sure contribute to the local warming!

    That’s why I love my building!!!

    Jorge on

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